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"I serve on the board of a not-for-profit organization as Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair. The organization requires many cheques to be written, budgets to be managed carefully, and timely reports produced. The organization's bookkeeper was employed part-time for many years and developed her own unique methods for accounting and tracking. As time went on, the bookkeeper's overall health and performance started to decline. We had a problem in trying to secure professional bookkeeping while keeping the cost effective. In wondering what to do, I suggested we contact Eric Walker from CW Group and inquire about their bookkeeping services. Eric's team of Karen and Diann have been excellent! They have the ability to work with multiple bookkeeping platforms, such as Sage, to allow for easy integration. They have been fast, communicative, thoughtful and diligent! Well done, and thank you! I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone, especially knowing that you are full-service and can provide better advice."

-Ian M., Toronto

"I wanted to thank you for the advice given to us in December. Your advice and that of your team has resulted in us saving thousands of dollars in taxes (and who doesn't like to do that!). The issue was quite complicated and required some planning 'outside the box'. One of the many benefits of working with CW Group is the expertise of your associates. I would particularly like to thank Peter Boultbee for his guidance."

-John B., Toronto

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