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5 Ways to Close More Sales

Posted by Roger Pierce Posted on 11 Sept 2018

Learn how to get more customers to say “yes” during your selling interactions

Sales are what make or break your business – but unless you’re a natural at selling, the process can be intimidating.

Even experienced salespeople trip up at some point between that initial conversation and closing the deal. Often one or two small changes to your approach can make a huge difference in your success rate.

Use these suggestions to improve your close rate.

1. Make a great first impression

It’s easy to make a great first impression – it’s also easy to blow it.

  • Show up to the sales appointment on time.

  • Be prepared with any materials and samples.

  • Research in advance as much as you can about the customer and his or her company.

  • Identify the customer’s need for your product – why should they buy from you?

  • Rehearse responses to customer questions.


Your customer forms an impression before they even meet you. The customer will likely visit your website, check out your LinkedIn profile and see what you say and share on social media before meeting or talking with you. Make sure all of your marketing materials make you shine.

2. Slow down

The goal of each sales conversation is getting to a close, but nothing scares a prospect away faster than pressure or desperation.

Keep in mind that most buyers won't commit to a purchase the first time you speak. It can take numerous customer interactions before the customer is ready to proceed, so slow down and focus on being helpful.

3. Focus clearly on benefits relevant to the buyer

If you believe in your product or service you're well on your way to being successful in sales. But if you get too wrapped up in talking about everything your gadget can do then you're missing the mark.

Buyers need to know exactly how your product or service can help solve their particular problem or make life more enjoyable. How does your product satisfy their need or want? Make sure you know exactly what their particular need or what is before you address it.

4. Don’t worry about your price being too high

Buyers want value more than they want low price, so don't get caught up worrying that your pricing is choking sales.

Instead focus on whether you've made it easy for your customers to understand the value of your offering. Talk about things like product quality, satisfied past customers, product or service performance, industry reputation, money-back guarantee, support services and the availability of your own expertise.

5. Make next steps very easy

When you feel a conversation naturally coming to a close, are you ready with the next step toward purchase?

The next step may be to connect by email, call next week, send some more information, share customer references, talk about delivery times or start dates, complete a work order, prepare a contract, or take payment.

The key to successful selling is really about listening to the customer to understand what they want. If you listen more than you talk, you’ll likely close plenty of future sales.


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