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How to Get People to Share Your Twitter Tweets

Posted by Roger Pierce Posted on 07 May 2018

Boost your retweets with engaging content and a solid twitter strategy

If you're already on Twitter you know what a great tool it is for building your brand, networking and connecting with customers.

But for most small business owners, social media poses a time challenge: How can you reliably write and post shareable content?

While there isn't a formula for the perfect tweet, there are some definite no-no's you should avoid. Getting too personal, promotional or pushing the sale are obvious turn-offs. Not being personal enough can make it look like a robot is composing your tweets. Finding a balance is important, and always being positive and helpful is essential.

A great guideline when tweeting is to remember why people use Twitter. Most people are not necessarily being strategic about it. They're using it to pass the time. A funny video, inspiring quote or a comment on a trending story are likely to get shared more often than company news or what you did on the weekend.

Here are a few tips for writing tweets that will make the social media rounds.

Be timely

Before you tweet, check what's trending on your Home, Connect, Discover and Me tabs in the left hand column of your page. Then answer a question, link to an interesting article, offer a solution, point to a valuable resource or share a quote on the hot topic of the day.

Ask a question

The great thing about Twitter is that your followers may be strangers, but many will be willing to reply when you need information – and spread the word for you with a retweet (RT).

Let your followers know you're looking for a solution to a problem. If you're looking for a virtual assistant, accountant or legal expert, ask for a referral. Request a recommendation for the best Thai restaurant in your area for an upcoming customer meeting. You may be surprised by the number of responses you'll get to a simple question or request for help.

Promote an event

If you plan to attend an upcoming trade show, conference or workshop, why not spread the word? List a clear benefit at the beginning of your tweet. For example:

- “Hoping to generate more leads for my business at this year's XYZ workshop”.

- “Can’t wait to learn how to increase sales. Join me at the XYZ conference before it sells out!”

Promoting someone else's events may attract the attention of the event organizer and earn you a retweet.

Share tweets Retweeting shows that you're not on Twitter just to broadcast your own news. You're there to be social and helpful, and ready to provide great content from a variety of sources. A RT is a show of appreciation for someone else's efforts to make Twitter a great place to hang out.

Don't underestimate the power of a retweet for building relationships. You never know when your kind turn will result in someone else returning the favour.

The best rule of thumb for writing shareable tweets is to think of Twitter as a party. Make your 140 character contribution to the conversation topical, amusing or helpful to someone else in the room and you can't go wrong.

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